ⓘ District Council of Hutt and Hill Rivers


ⓘ District Council of Hutt and Hill Rivers

The District Council of Hutt and Hill Rivers was a local government area in South Australia. It was established on 30 July 1885 and included the entirety of the Hundred of Milne as well as the south half of the Hundred of Andrews. It gained the Hundred of Hart in January 1888 following the passage of the District Councils Act 1887. The municipality had no township within its boundaries, so a council chambers was built at Bungaree, the building survives today and is used for tourist accommodation. In 1909, a section was severed and added to the District Council of Snowtown. It was abolished in 1935 following a Local Government Commission report that advocated cutting the number of municipalities in South Australia from 196 to 142, with Hutt and Hill Rivers being divided between the adjacent District Council of Spalding, District Council of Clare and the remainder to the District Council of Blyth.

  • discovered its twin river the Hutt Eyre described the area as a fine chain of ponds taking its course through a very extensive and grassy valley, but
  • Vice - president of the Blyth Bowling Club, and a member of the Board of Management Blyth District Hospital, member of the District Council of Hutt and Hill Rivers and
  • of the Hundred of Moorowie. The District Council of Ninnes gained the hundreds of Tickera and Wiltunga. The District Council of Hutt and Hill Rivers gained
  • locality is the Hill River itself, discovered and named by Edward John Eyre in 1839 after John Hill discoverer of the nearby Hutt River Following earlier
  • District Council of Barmera The District Council of Barmera formerly the District Council of Cobdogla was a local government area in the Australian
  • Wellington - Hutt main road, and directly across the river from the centre of Lower Hutt It is also the name of the three - lane bridge connecting the Hutt City
  • Regional Council The council region covers the conurbation around the capital city, Wellington, and the cities of Lower Hutt Porirua, and Upper Hutt each
  • Boulcott s Farm in the Hutt Valley on 16 May 1846 in which eight British soldiers and at least two Māori died, and the Battle of Battle Hill from 6 13 August
  • Wakefield River District Council of Rhynie established 1866 lay immediately east until the creation of Alma Plains council in 1870. District Council of Stockport

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