ⓘ District Council of Georgetown


ⓘ District Council of Georgetown

It was proclaimed on 2 March 1876 as the District Council of George Town, encompassing the cadastral Hundred of Bundaleer. The District Councils Act 1887 expanded the council in two directions by amalgamating the District Council of Narridy incorporating the Hundred of Narridy to the west and annexing the Hundred of Yackamoorundie to the south. All three hundreds had been proclaimed in 1869 following the passage of the Strangways Land Act opening those lands up for closer settlement. It was subdivided into three wards later in 1888 Georgetown, Narridy and Yacka. A redistribution of the ward system in 1921 created a fourth ward Gulnare.

By 1936, the Council controlled area of 260 square kilometers, including that the Civil entry described as "one of the best grain growing areas in South Australia". He was responsible for 360 miles of roads in the district this year, including 32 km from the main road. He also adopted schemes of improvement in Georgetown and Yacka, including the plantation of eucalyptus. Was built in 1958 a new Council, replacing earlier buildings, followed by construction of the depot of the Board in 1968. The Council is also involved in the provision of new public buildings in Georgetown and Gulnare, and a number of recreation facilities in Georgetown, Gulnare and Yacka.

Georgetown, has declined in value throughout the twentieth century, and the Council ceased to exist in 1988 when it merged with the regional Council and Gladstone regional Council Laura in the short-lived district Council of rocky river.

Long-term state Deputy John Lyons has been Chairman of the Board for 25 years.