ⓘ City of Port Pirie

City of Port Pirie

ⓘ City of Port Pirie

The City of Port Pirie was a local government area in South Australia from 1876 to 1997, centred on the city of Port Pirie.

He was proclaimed on 28 Sep 1876 as the corporate town of Port Pirie, almost four years after the town was surveyed. It consisted of two chambers of the North and South when it is created, each of which is elected by two advisers. Subsequently, it expanded to four offices: North, South, West and between solomontown. He held the room in the Institute building in the first decades of the office and the Board.

The Council purchased the buildings Committee of the Institute in 1932, and after a long renovation, the newly former Institute, as the new Port Pirie, city hall and municipal institutions. The neighborhood was built a new building for the Institute library next door. Both events were funded from the profits tips electrical work. He also owned camping on mount Ferguson, following the gift of the former broken hill associated plants camp funding resite to a new place, although it was leased in 1930-ies. He became the city of port Pirie with the proclamation of city status on February 26, 1953, becoming the first provincial town in South Australia.

In July 1996, he imbibed the district Council of Pirie, who was surrounded by, but separate from the city. The United municipality was subsequently merged with the district Council of crystal brook-Redhill in the form of port Pirie regional Council in March 1997.

  • member for Port Pirie in the South Australian House of Assembly from 1947 to 1959. He had previously been the mayor of the City of Port Pirie from 1949
  • of Port Pirie The last member for Port Pirie David McKee transferred to the new Pirie The town of Port Pirie is currently located in the seat of Frome
  • industrial city of Port Pirie and also includes many of the agricultural areas of the Clare and Gilbert Valleys. It covers a total of 6, 435 km2 2, 485 sq mi
  • Australian state of South Australia on the east coast of Spencer Gulf about 17 kilometres 11 miles to the south of the city of Port Pirie and about 186
  • operation on 17 March 1997, when it amalgamated with the City of Port Pirie to form the Port Pirie Regional Council. Former state MP Ivan Venning was a Crystal
  • state of South Australia located in Germein Bay, Spencer Gulf between the city of Port Pirie and town of Port Germein. It features the wreck of the York
  • kilometres 5.9 mi northeast of the city of Port Pirie Weeroona Island began as a private subdivision of land in the Hundreds of Pirie and Telowie. The subdivision
  • Pirie is a Scottish surname of Hebrew origin, meaning pear tree Alexander Fraser Pirie 1849 - 1903 Canadian journalist and newspaper editor Antoinette
  • South Australia HMAS Pirie J189 a Royal Australian Navy Second World War corvette HMAS Pirie ACPB 87 a patrol boat Port Pirie disambiguation articles
  • Don Dunstan Labor government. He had previously served as mayor of the City of Port Pirie from 1971 to 1975. Connelly served in World War 2 in the RAAF

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