ⓘ Brutalization


ⓘ Brutalization

In criminology, brutalization refers to a hypothesized cause-and-effect relationship between executions and an increase in the homicide rate. This hypothesis proposes this relationship occurs because executions diminish the publics respect for life. Such an effect represents the opposite of a deterrent effect.


1. Support

A 1980 study found that in New York, there were an average of two additional homicides in the month after an execution, consistent with a brutalization effect. A 1994 study found evidence of this effect in Oklahoma, but only in relation to stranger homicides, while a 1998 study found strong evidence to support a hypothesis relating to the total number of homicides in Oklahoma.


2. Opposition

A 1978 study found no evidence to support the brutalization hypothesis. A 1994 study also found no evidence to support it with regards to overall homicides in Oklahoma.

  • According to Orwell, a call for the girl also to be hanged flowed from the brutalizing effects of the war, and he thought that the story would not be as remembered
  • because Frank Fay portrayed Mexicans as being liars and womanizers. Police brutalized the picketers, killing Gonzalez. The murder sparked a pan - Latino protest
  • to light the story of the Tiger Force, a Vietnam fighting force that brutalized the local population. In 2006, The Blade was a finalist for a Pulitzer
  • University, a football - oriented California school, Lyn McKenna is raped and brutalized by her best friend s boyfriend, football player Ron Cooper. Lyn is hesitant
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  • glory of the ladies of Cadereyta. When the Goths invaded in 410, she was brutalized and she died of her injuries. Her feast day in the west is January 31
  • doesn t learn the details of the savage crushing of the revolt and brutalization of Hungarian citizens by Soviet forces until they land in Melbourne

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