ⓘ Property of the Republic

Property of the Republic

ⓘ Property of the Republic

Property of the Republic is a 1971 Soviet two-part adventure film directed by Vladimir Bychkov. Detective story takes place during the Civil War in Russia. The picture was the 44th most attended domestic film in the Soviet Union.


1. Plot

Spring 1918. Tarakanov, managing the estate of Prince Tikhvinsky, with the help of the former court fencing teacher Shilovsky and homeless boy Keshka, steals from abandoned mansion collection of paintings and sculptures. Hoping across the border, criminals roam the circus troupe, and they are being tailed by an employee of Criminal Investigation Makar Ovchinnikov.


2. Cast

  • Olga Zhiznyeva as Duchess Tikhvinskaya
  • Igor Kvasha as Ataman Lagutin
  • Mikhail Ekaterininskiy as Director of the Museum
  • Andrei Mironov as Shilovsky aka Marquis
  • Spartak Mishulin as Ilya Tarakanov
  • Vitya Galkin as homeless Keshka
  • Yuri Tolubeyev as criminologist Prokofy Filippovich Dobrovo
  • Georgy Millyar as old railroad
  • Arkady Tolbuzin as director
  • Rogvold Sukhoverko as Commissioner Kochet
  • Oleg Tabakov as Makar Ovchinnikov
  • Yevgeniy Yevstigneyev as Carl Genrikhovich Vitol
  • Vladimir Grammatikov as magician