ⓘ Ebot (microcontroller)

Ebot (microcontroller)

ⓘ Ebot (microcontroller)

Ebot is a microcontroller unit that is based on open source technology, by two Kuwaiti innovators. Its part of a Prototyping platform called Ebot innovation platform to allow fast and easy prototyping. The platfoem has received many national and international prizes.

Ebot Board is a mini integrated digital computer that consists of a processor, RAM and input/output peripheral devices. Unlike processors used in PCs, Ebot was designed for embedded systems to control operations.


1. Hardware

The Ebot microcontroller was built using an ATMEGA1284P integrated circuit from the AVR 8-bit family, which uses 8 bits to build the commands.

The diagram consists of two layers. The first layer has ATMEGA1284P pin functions, the second has the Arduino-compatible pins bootloader, and the second layer has the names of the Ebot pins. The pin names and placement have been modified to suit the unit’s inputs and outputs ports, which will facilitate the programming process for the user.


2. Software

Ebot IDE was developed by CreativeBits Co., and was designed to teach programming in a simple way. The software allows users to program using a command-line interface or a graphical interface, with a Data Lab to analyze the records, a serial Monitor to view current readings, and an PC control Interface to add more advanced options.

Ebot IDE works like a magnet, where the user drags one component from one of the menus on the left and drops it at the top of the graphical page. When dragging the next component, it will be attached to the previous one, and so on.


3. Awards

  • First Prize at International Invention Fair in the Middle East 2015
  • First Prize at Arab Mobile App Challenge WAMDA" 2015
  • First Prize at Kuwait eContent award 2015
  • World Summit Award, First Prize- 2015
  • First Prize at CLAWAR Competition 2015

4. Robotics education in Kuwait

15 schools primary and secondary have been teaching robotics in Kuwait, and by the 2016 academic year it was planned to be taught on a wider scale in all state schools, according to the Education Minister Bader Hamad Al-Essa. Certain errors will have to be rectified after they emerged during teaching it in some schools.

Robotics competitions offer a chance to encourage students to build their own solutions as a team to real-world problems using science and maths.


5. Certifications and standards

The whole system has separate certifications in each department to fulfill all customer and business requirements.

Images of the certificates and test reports are shown below: