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ⓘ Lobejun

Lobejun is located 15 km north of Halle Saale. The town is located in a hilly area in which a tributary to the Saale River, the Fuhne, flows.

The following towns are classified as part Lobejun:

  • Schlettau. (Шлеттау)
  • Gottgau.
  • Saxony Wetter Ruhr North Rhine - Westphalia Wetter Hesse Hesse Wettin - Lobejun Saxony - Anhalt Wetzlar Hesse Widdern Baden - Wurttemberg Wiehl North
  • Gotschetal - Petersberg Ostlicher Saalkreis incl. town Landsberg Saalkreis Nord incl. towns Lobejun and Wettin Westlicher Saalkreis Wurde Salza Kabelsketal
  • a Silesian flautist born into a family of tailors Carl Loewe 1796 in Lobejun 1869 in Kiel a German composer, tenor singer and conductor, worked in
  • 14 from Wettin 13.8 Wallwitz Saalkreis 17.8 Nauendorf Saalkreis to Lobejun A 14 22.7 Domnitz Saalkreis 28.5 Konnern to Baalberge B 71 to Rothenburg
  • Helma Knorscheidt born 31 December 1956 in Nauendorf, Saxony - Anhalt is an East German shot putter. She competed for the sports club SC Chemie Halle during
  • Petersberg The Petersberg seen from the direction of Lobejun Highest point Elevation 250.4 m above sea level NN 822 ft Coordinates 51 35 41 N 11 57 55 E

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