ⓘ Aleko (film)

Aleko (film)

ⓘ Aleko (film)

Aleko is a 1953 Soviet musical film directed by Grigoriy Roshal and Sergei Sidelyov and starring Aleksandr Ognivtsev, Mark Reizen and Inna Zubkovskaya. It is based on Sergei Rachmaninoffs 1892 opera Aleko.


1. Cast

  • Svyatoslav Kuznetsov as Young Tsigan
  • B. Zlatogorova as Alekos Mother
  • Inna Zubkovskaya as Zyemfira, the flirt
  • Aleksandr Ognivtsev as Aleko, the smitten
  • Mark Reizen as Starik, Zyemfiras father
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