ⓘ Annaburg


ⓘ Annaburg

Annaburg is a small town in Wittenberg district in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It was the seat of the former Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Annaburg-Prettin.

  • the former Askanian estates, which comprised the Amter districts of Annaburg Belzig, Grafenhainichen, Liebenwerda, Pretzsch Elbe, Seyda and Wittenberg
  • Vinzelberg Vollenschier Castle, Wittenmoor Wust Castle, Wust Hunting Lodge Annaburg Annaburg Reinharz Hunting Lodge, Bad Schmiedeberg Coswig Castle, Coswig Anhalt
  • Triangle contains some of Manassas most notable buildings, including: Annaburg Manor, a historic manor that was once converted to a senior living facility
  • February 1927 10 July 2019 was a German geophysicist. Bortfeld grew up in Annaburg in Saxony - Anhalt, Germany. After World War II he came to Gottingen where
  • transferred to Germany grew to about 10, 000 who were eventually housed at Annaburg camp, where Bose first met with them. A first group of 300 volunteers from
  • By intercession of Martin Luther, Stifel became minister in Lochau now Annaburg Luther also confirmed his marriage to the widow of his predecessor in
  • considered to have been the first female pharmacist in Germany. In castle Annaburg which was named after her, she had her own large laboratory and library
  • August Wilhelm Seyler 1800 1866 a doctor of theology and pastor in Annaburg He was married 1826 to Klara Franziska Hoppe, a daughter of the Freiburg
  • change in December 2011, some services end in Lutherstadt Wittenberg or Annaburg due to low demand. Services are provided by push - pull trains consisting

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