ⓘ Late Flowers

Late Flowers

ⓘ Late Flowers

Late Flowers is a 1970 drama film based on the novella of the same name by Anton Chekhov wrote in the early period of the writers work.


1. Plot

This is a story about unrequited love and belated insight.

The film shows the life of the family Priklonsky princes. The main character of Princess Maria Irina Lavrenteva pretty nice girl, loves her mother Olga Zhizneva and brother Yegorushka Valery Zolotukhin. Brother is also deeply flawed man, not wanting to get rid of bad habits.

Soon it appears in the narrative and Dr. Toporkov Alexander Lazarev. Maria and Yegorushka ill, and the doctor Toporkovs mother called, because it was a high opinion of his professional qualities. He cured Priklonskii, took money from them, and that his visits to them over. However, Maroussia, having read novels about love, time to fall in love with the doctor.

Life heroes went downhill. Maroussia from all of lifes troubles again ill. At the same Toporkov suddenly woke up feeling, but later, he finds himself unable to help her, and the princess died.


2. Cast

  • Inna Ulyanova as Kaleria Ivanovna
  • Olga Zhiznyeva as Princess Priklonskaya
  • Irina Lavrenteva as Maroussia, Princess Priklonskaya
  • Zoya Vasilkova as Toporkova, the doctors wife
  • Alexander Lazarev as Dr. Nikolai Semenovich Toporkov
  • Alexander Khanov as Nikifor, valet
  • Valery Zolotukhin as Yegorushka
  • Irina Chaliapina-Baksheeva as Prohorovna, matchmaker