ⓘ Candidate (2013 film)

Candidate (2013 film)

ⓘ Candidate (2013 film)

Candidate is a 2013 Czecho-Slovak film. It was directed by Jonas Karasek. It premiered in October 2013. It is a political thriller that includes references toward corruption scandals in Slovak politics, notably the Gorilla scandal.

It was the most visited Slovak film of 2013.


1. Plot

The film is about the Slovak presidential election. It is narrated by Blondacik, who is, along with his Czech partner Jazva, tasked to watch a rich businessman and lobbyist Adam Lambert. Lambert owns an advertising agency and is asked by an influential bishop Josef to manage presidential campaign of an unknown candidate Peter Poton who can take some votes from opposition candidates. He reluctantly agrees but when he finds out that his rival Ivan Muller is a campaign manager of minister Černohorsky who is the front runner in the election, he makes a bet with Muller that Poton will win in the first round. If he wins he will get Mullers business property but if he loses the bet Muller will get his property. The campaign doesnt start well and Poton fares weakly in the polls. This changes when Lamberts people find out that Poton is related to Ľudovit Stur and Lambert uses it in the campaign. Poton gets a boost in polls but still isnt popular enough to win in the first round. Lambert decides to organise a false flag atentate on Poton to increase his popularity enough. A day before voting the atentate occurs but Poton is, in a shocking twist, shot by real bullets. He is taken to the hospital where he dies but not before the result of the election is announced; he wins in a landslide victory. Lambert wins the bet and gains Mullers property. Blondacik and Jazva give the compromising materials to Lamberts estranged wife who was secretly pulling all the strings. Blondacik states that she will destroy Lambert one day, if he doesnt destroy himself first. Blodacik later establishes new political party, the Party of Potons Successors, and becomes a major political force.


2. Cast

  • Jan Jackuliak – Ivan Muller
  • Michal Dlouhy – Jazva
  • Pavel Novy – general
  • Roman Luknar – Bachraty
  • Michal Kubovcik – Blondacik
  • Monika Hilmerova – Alena
  • Marek Majesky – Adam Lambert
  • Pavel Slaby – bishop Jozef

Czech president Milos Zeman appeared in a cameo role as a president of the Czech Republic. He wasnt elected yet when he was shooting his scene.


3. Shooting

The shooting started on 19 September 2012. The shooting took place primarily in Slovakia but some parts were shot in the Czech Republic. Filming was complicated by the weather. Some scenes were shot authentically by asking various people about elections. It includes random people but also celebrities.

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