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ⓘ Grafenhainichen

The town was the seat of the offices of the administrative community Verwaltungsgemeinschaft of Tor zur Dubener Heide until it was disbanded in January 2011. It lies about 25 km southwest of Lutherstadt Wittenberg, southeast of Dessau and northeast of Bitterfeld on the edge of the Duben Heath.

Nearby is Gremminer to see the lake created by the redevelopment of the former brown coal mine Golpa-Nord, and is located on the shore Ferropolis "Iron city" industrial memorial, actually a Museum of "industrial culture".

  • Tortefontaine Peripherique de Rennes N136 Rennes L 136 state road from Grafenhainichen to Mohlau via Zschornewitz National Highway 136 India R136 road Japan
  • the Pabst wood 2 km west of Radis in the vicinity of the town of Grafenhainichen as the first son of Marie Henriette nee Pannier 1790 1839 and Johann
  • Middle Elbe. On its western perimeter are the towns of Bitterfeld and Grafenhainichen and the River Mulde. The interior of the park is accessible on the
  • 12 October 1983 Kongsvinger 22 October 1983 Ystad 2 November 1983 Grafenhainichen 6 November 1983 Fulda May 15, 1983 Minsk June 1, 1983 Kuusankoski September
  • estates, which comprised the Amter districts of Annaburg, Belzig, Grafenhainichen Liebenwerda, Pretzsch Elbe, Seyda and Wittenberg the old County
  • peninsula in Bitterfeld, Saxony - Anhalt. Since 2009 the Ferropolis in Grafenhainichen has been the site of the Splash festival. The first Splash took place
  • cast mine flooded until 2000 Gremminer See Elbe 543 ha west of Grafenhainichen former brown coal open cast mine still flooded Golpa - Nord, Ferropolis
  • minister and hymnodist. Gerhardt was born into a middle - class family at Grafenhainichen a small town on the railway between Halle and Wittenberg. At the age
  • Festival, Grafenhainichen Nature One, Kastellaun Neubrandenburg, Neubrandenburg Rock am Ring and Rock im Park Splash, Ferropolis, Grafenhainichen SonneMondSterne
  • also participated in the fifteenth Splash Festival in Ferropolis near Grafenhainichen with Kraftklub under the pseudonym Fledermausmann Batman At the

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