ⓘ Route nationale 3a (Madagascar)


ⓘ Route nationale 3a (Madagascar)

Route nationale 3a is a secondary highway of 180 km in Madagascar, running along the western banks of Lake Alaotra to Andilamena. It crosses the region of Alaotra-Mangoro.

  • The Saharenana River is located in northern Madagascar and crosses the Route Nationale 6 near Antananandrenitelo. Its sources are situated near Joffreville
  • River is located in northern Madagascar Its sources are situated near in the Tsaratanana Massif, it crosses the Route nationale 6 near Tanambao Marivorahona
  • Matsondana Morafeno Tsarahonenana Tsiamalao The district is crossed by the Route nationale 32. Institut National de la Statistique, Antananarivo. Coordinates:
  • road from the coast to the capital, Antananarivo. Today, the key route of Route nationale 2 from the capital is located west of Andevoranto. 2001 Ilo Census
  • the shore. It is also on the path of the Canal des Pangalanes and Route Nationale RN 11. In the pre - colonial era of the 19th century, Vatomandry was
  • along National Route 3 in proximity to the secondary campus. School D will be at one point relocated to Ivandry. French people in Madagascar List of international
  • situated at the route nationale No. 7 Tulear - Fianarantsoa at 70 km from Tulear and 64 km from Sakaraha and its intersection with Route nationale 10. Estimated
  • There is a road and rail bridge over the river west of Moramanga on Route nationale 2. There are small populations of crocodiles in the more placid sections
  • in Madagascar It belongs to the district of Mananjary, which is a part of Vatovavy - Fitovinany Region. it is the endpoint of the Route nationale 24 from
  • town lies at the intersection of the Route nationale 35 from Morondava to Ivato, Ambositra and the Route nationale 34 to Miandrivazo. It is located at

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