ⓘ Something for Nothing (upcoming film)

Something for Nothing (upcoming film)

ⓘ Something for Nothing (upcoming film)

The plot is built around a financier Max Flamberk, it falls into the hands of the unit, which may materialize desired, including money. And such a gift of fate caught Max in a difficult period of his life. His deliberately substituted and fired from their jobs, and the only near and dear to his people - the younger sister, fighting for his life with severe disease, the treatment of which requires a large amount of money. It would seem that such a device can only help Max. But it starts to hunt a certain agent, already threatening his life.


1. Cast

  • Igor Botvin as Max Flamberk
  • Igor Lifanov as Ray Hicks
  • Maksim Ponomaryov as Max Flamberk
  • Igor Grigoriev as Tony Price
  • Aleksandr Udalov as agent
  • Valeriy Kukhareshin as Steven Walker

2. Production

Filming took place in Saint Petersburg, in order to shoot scenes of American slums and train stations. The shooting went on for five years. On October 11, 2018, filming was completed.