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ⓘ Kemberg

Kemberg is a town in Wittenberg district in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The town lies on the north edge of the Duben Heath Nature Park. Kemberg includes the subdivisions of Bergwitz, Klitzschena, and Ateritz.

  • suppression of the university. From 1820 to 1822 he was superintendent in Kemberg and in the latter year he was appointed professor ordinarius of systematic
  • Bad Zwischenahn Edewechterdamm Kleinbahn Bergwitz - Kemberg GmbH siehe Bahnstrecke Bergwitz - Kemberg Kleinbahn Bielstein - Waldbrol E: Kreiskommunalverband
  • which was regarded with disfavour by the Nazis. Schulenburg was born in Kemberg in the Prussian Province of Saxony, to Count Bernhard Friedrich Wilhelm
  • launched an ironed arm until a locus called Petit - Saint - Die under the Kemberg a mountain, precisely under rocks Saint - Martin. Springs of flowed on this
  • Wittenberg, but the latter was found during the siege of Wittenberg in Kemberg However, Dobschutz was subsequently governor of Dresden... Leihgabe of
  • Roche Saint - Martin and from the heights of Hadremont north or east of the Kemberg massif, byt also at different height to the south of the Fave valley. Today
  • 06886, 06888, 06889 Wittenberg 06895 Wittenberg, Zahna - Elster 06901 Kemberg 06905 Bad Schmiedeberg 06917 Jessen Elster 06925 Annaburg 29410
  • 034909 Aken 03491 Lutherstadt Wittenberg 03492 034920 Kropstadt 034921 Kemberg 034922 Muhlanger 034923 Cobbelsdorf 034924 Zahna 034925 Bad Schmiedeberg

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