ⓘ Prettin


ⓘ Prettin

The town lies about 30 km southeast of Wittenberg and about 12 km north-northwest of Torgau in the lowland on the Elbes east bank, west of the Annaburg Heath. This is, however, to a great extent a Bundeswehr troop drilling ground, and is therefore off limits. West of the community runs the Federal Highway BundesstraSe B 182, and to the north is the B 187. In the south, the community borders on Saxony. Prettin is linked with the Saxon community of Dommitzsch by a ferry on the Elbe.

  • Elster 03538 035383 Elster Elbe 035384 Steinsdorf 035385 Annaburg 035386 Prettin 035387 Seyda 035388 Kloden 035389 Holzdorf 03541 Calau 03542 Lubbenau 03543
  • Luckau - Uckro 153.7 Beyern BundesstraSe 87 156.5 Fermerswalde state border From Prettin 170.1 Annaburg Black Elster 179.1 Jessen Elster Company siding 189.0
  • Muehlen Archiv in German Pommelte Bockwindmuhle Muehlen Archiv in German Prettin Bockwindmuhle Derelict Muehlen Archiv in German Prittitz Bockwindmuhle
  • Leopoldshall StaSfurt Junkers Construction of aircraft control panels Lichtenburg Prettin Holding center for prisoners before Buchenwald camp was completed Lippstadt
  • century, lower parts of the nave and lower storeys of the steeple of stone Prettin St. Mary s Church DE Lichtenburger Torturm gate tower 14th century

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