ⓘ Spruce Mountain (Nevada)

Spruce Mountain (Nevada)

ⓘ Spruce Mountain (Nevada)

Spruce Mountain is a mountain in Elko County, Nevada, United States. It was named from the spruce timber near the summit. Spruce Mountain ranks twenty-fifth among the most topographically prominent peaks in the state. The summit is at 10.267 feet. Spruce Mountain is on a northeast–southwest trending ridge with a parallel Spruce Ridge to the northwest. To the east, a low section of hills connects the mountain to the south end of the Pequop Mountains. US Route 93 passes the southwest end of the mountain. The peak is on public land administered by the Bureau of Land Management and thus has no access restrictions.

West side of the mountain was a place of copper, silver and lead extraction in the late 19th century. The village of Sprucemont on the West slope of the mountain was supported by mining and which existed from 1868 to 1900, and now a Ghost town. Electronics researcher Ralph Hartley was born in Sprucemont in 1888.

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