ⓘ List of adoption dates of the Gregorian calendar per country


ⓘ List of adoption dates of the Gregorian calendar per country

This is a list of adoption dates of the Gregorian calendar per country. For explanation, see the article about the Gregorian calendar.

If not stated otherwise, it concerns the transition from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar by the civil authorities. In religious sources it could be that the Julian calendar was used for a longer period of time, in particular on the Protestant and Eastern Orthodox side. The historic area does not necessarily match the present-day area or country. The column present country only provides a logic search entry. With a few exceptions, the former colonies of European powers are not shown separately.

  • circulate. Instead of displaying the Gregorian calendar year of mintage like most nations coins, yen coins instead display the year of the current emperor s
  • 3102 BCE in the proleptic Julian calendar As per the information above about Yuga periods, only 5, 120 years are passed out of 432, 000 years of current Kali
  • becoming the Gregorian calendar which is today s internationally accepted civil calendar also known as the Western or Christian calendar Cardan suspension
  • by the brothers Saints Cyril and Methodius and the adoption of Christianity in Bulgaria in 863 AD. The East Slavs followed with the official adoption in
  • Portuguese mathematicians ever, and the German Christopher Clavius, who was the main architect of the modern Gregorian calendar The university is organized into
  • approximation of UT1. The difference between UT1 and UTC is known as DUT1. The table shows the dates of adoption of time zones based on the Greenwich meridian
  • time by country CHU distributes official time in Canada History of time in the United States includes a list of historical daylight saving dates back to
  • Julian calendar Hanover adopted the New Style Gregorian calendar on 1 March 1700 N.S. 19 February 1700 O.S. Old Style is used for dates in this
  • as Holiday Economics as part of the then - new government s list of principal economic policies, moving the celebration dates for holidays occurring on midweek
  • in order to replace the Gregorian calendar The French Republican Calendar s days consisted of ten hours of a hundred minutes of a hundred seconds, which

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