ⓘ San Salvador Atenco


ⓘ San Salvador Atenco

San Salvador Atenco is the municipal seat of Atenco, in the Mexican state of Mexico. The name "Atenco" comes from a Nahuatl phrase meaning "place on the edge of water".

  • riot, April Columbus, Ohio, United States 2002 San Salvador Atenco Airport Riot San Salvador Atenco Mexico 2002 Post - Godhra Riots after the Godhra
  • pardon issued in 2006 by the Italian Parliament. 3 May 2006: In San Salvador Atenco Mexico, a group of police officers prevented a group of 60 flower
  • nobles of the nahuatlaca peoples of the Altiplano such as Ayocuan of Chalco - Atenco and Tecayehuatzin of Huexotzinco, constitute the largest sample of pre - Columbian
  • and the Federal Preventive Police bussed in some 5, 000 agents to San Salvador Atenco and the surrounding communities. A local organization called the
  • to the site to prevent the arrival of a group of supporters from San Salvador Atenco Mexico. Six days later 15, 000 people marched in protest through
  • municipalities of Almoloya de Juarez, Temoaya, Otzolotepec, Xonacatlan, Lerma, San Mateo Atenco Metepec, Calimaya, Tenango del Valle, Villa Guerrero and Zinacantepec
  • Amecameca Amecameca de Juarez 010 Apaxco Apaxco de Ocampo 011 Atenco San Salvador Atenco 012 Atizapan Santa Cruz Atizapan 013 Atizapan de Zaragoza Ciudad
  • municipalities of Ecatepec de Morelos, La Paz, Chimalhuacan and San Salvador Atenco in the State of Mexico. To the west and south, it borders the borough
  • Jeronimo Amanalco Mexico State 595 San Miguel Tlaixpan Mexico State 595 San Salvador Atenco Mexico State 595 Santo Tomas Apipilhuasco Mexico State 595 Tepetitlan

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