ⓘ Holy Cross Cathedral, Santa Cruz del Quiché

Holy Cross Cathedral, Santa Cruz del Quiche

ⓘ Holy Cross Cathedral, Santa Cruz del Quiche

The Holy Cross Cathedral also called Santa Cruz del Quiche Cathedral is a religious building that is located in the town of Santa Cruz del Quiche, in the Department of Quiche in the west of the Central American country of Guatemala.

The current Cathedral is an ancient structure, beginning in 1768. Temple repeats the Roman or Latin rite and serves as the seat of the diocese of quiche Quicensis Dioecesis which was established in 1967, Pope Paul VI, bull "Stop Christie".

It is under the pastoral care of the Bishop Rosolino Bianchetti Boffelli.

During Catholic Easter, the procession of believers dedicated to the Lord and was buried the virgin sorrows of the Virgen de Los Dolores made.

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