ⓘ District Council of Mannum


ⓘ District Council of Mannum

The District Council of Mannum was a local government area in South Australia from 1877 to 1997, centring on the town of Mannum.

He was proclaimed on August 23, 1877, in the composition of the cadastral hundred Finniss, "located between the Eastern edge of the mount lofty ranges and the Murray river." The first meeting of the Council held on 1 September 1877 at the hotel Bogan now the Mannum hotel. It was 120 taxpayers in the first year, the value of the taxable property of £2.910. At the beginning of 1880-x years, the municipality had a population of 773. It expanded in January, 1888, in accordance with Act 1887 district councils, gaining hundred of Younghusband on the East Bank of the Murray river, it also received the Northern part adjoins hundreds of Burdett in the same year. The Council was unsubdivided to 1888, when it was divided into Chambers for the first time: in the West, the North and Central wards for Finniss had two councillors in the South and East of Burdett and Younghusband was one. In the Council hall was built in 1896. There were two subsequent changes in the system ward: in 1900, when the Central chamber was restricted to just the town of Mannum, and again in 1956, when she received additional counselor, taking the Council from nine members.

In 1923, it covers an area of 176 square miles, with a registered capital worth more than £24.000. The Council lost two places in 1935: one of which merged with the district Council of Springton to form the district Council of mount pleasant, and another who was terminated to join the district Council of Mobilong. The Council was ruled by the Mannum ferry from March 1888 to June 1976. He took an active part in measures to combat flooding in a number of cases, and operated special services of boats in the 1956 Murray river flood while the ferries were out of action. In the second half of the twentieth century, it also developed a caravan Park, holiday Park, community center and dental clinic in Mannum.

In 1986, an area of 681 square kilometres. The main primary industries was named cereals wheat and barley and rearing sheep for meat and wool, with pigsties and cattle-breeding and attention. Manufacturers of agricultural machinery Horwood Bagshaw informed David Shearer companies was the largest employer in the area. He was "one of the most popular places in the state" for travel this year due to the Murray river, with 2.7 million dollars was spent by tourists in 1981-1982.

It ceased to exist from 1 July 1997, when it merged with the district Council of Morgan, district Council of Ridley-Truro and part of the district Council of mount pleasant, form the Mid Murray Council.

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