The ITL MARS is a gun sight that combines two sighting devices, a reflex sight and a laser sight, as well as a backup iron sight. It is designed and produced by ITL Optronics company, based in Israel. The laser may be either visible or infrared and can be activated as need via a pressure switch. It has been purchased by a number of forces including the U.S. military for its M16 series weapons, Israel for its IMI Tavor TAR-21 rifle, and India for its INSAS rifle, as well as other commercial customers.

Optics And Sensors:

  • Mars Automatic Pistol, a semi - automatic pistol developed in 1900 MARS tanker, a programme to buy new tanker ships for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary ITL MARS
  • a 5.56mm or 7.62mm ballistically matched reticle. Aimpoint AB Trijicon EOTech ITL MARS Official website Armament Technology Incorporated, distributor
  • numbers from existing scopes. Aimpoint AB EOTech ELCAN Optical Technologies ITL MARS Kevin Michalowski 28 February 2011 Guns for Personal Defense: Arms
  • navigation system with GPS support, and weapon - mounted camera with an ITL MARS reflex sight. Currently undergoing development, the ACMS Lite has latest
  • Combat Optical Gunsight ACOG recently renamed Rifle Combat Optic RCO ITL MARS reflex sight AN PSQ - 18 day night grenade launcher sight AN PVS - 10 night
  • Guide to Pistol Reddots TRex - Aimpoint CompM2, CompM4, and ITL MARS red dot sights Collimator sight, blind non - magnifying sights that depending
  • mounting plates would not fit most of handguns. EOTech Trijicon Elcan ITL MARS AB is a standard Swedish abbreviation for Aktiebolag meaning joint - stock
  • Aeronautic Experimental Institute where Crocco was working, obtained a 200, 000 ItL financing equivalent to today s 1million Euro to develop black - powder - fuelled
  • e - Handbook of Statistical Methods. Location and Scale Parameters www. itl U.S. Department of Commerce. McQuarrie, Donald A. 1976 Statistical
  • Mahindra and Mahindra largest at 42.5 share TAFE with 20 Rest Escorts, ITL - Sonalika John Deere. Action Construction Equipment Limited ACE began manufacturing
  • Documentation AnyChart. Retrieved 3 February 2016. Scatter Plot Matrix at itl Emerson, John W. Green, Walton A. Schoerke, Barret Crowley