ⓘ Voronezh River

Voronezh River

ⓘ Voronezh River

The Voronezh, also romanized as Voronez, is a river in Tambov, Lipetsk, and Voronezh oblasts in Russia, a left tributary of the Don. The Voronezh River is 342 kilometres long, with a drainage basin of 21.600 square kilometres. It freezes up in the first half of December and stays under the ice until late March. The lower reaches of the river are navigable. The cities of Lipetsk and Voronezh are along the Voronezh River.

Going upstream, it leaves the Don south of Voronezh and goes north parallel and east of the Don for about 150 kilometres 93 mi. West of Michurinsk it swings east and splits into the Lesnoy and Polny Voronezh Rivers "Forest and Field Voronezh". These go north about 75 kilometres 47 mi to the border of Ryazan Oblast. To the north are tributaries of the Oka River. To the east are the basins of the south-flowing Bityug River which joins the Don and the north-flowing Tsna River Moksha basin which reaches the Oka via the Moksha.

The river is named for an earlier town destroyed by the Mongol invasion, whose name in turn was borrowed from a place name in the Principality of Chernigov, derived from the personal name Voroneg. From the 1650s the Belgorod Line of forts ran along the Voronezh. In 1706 Peter the Great built boats along the Voronezh and sailed them down the Don to attack the Turkish fortress of Azov.

  • District in central Voronezh Oblast, Russia, located on the right bank of the Bityug River 148 kilometers 92 mi southeast of Voronezh the administrative
  • rural locality a selo in Novousmansky District of Voronezh Oblast, Russia, located on the Makariy River 23.8 kilometers 14.8 mi northeast from the district s
  • 40.08778 E 50.45444 40.08778 Osered Russian: Осередь is a river in Voronezh Oblast in Russia. A tributary of Don. It has a total length of 89 km
  • Following the Battle of Voronezh River in December 1237, Yuri II of Vladimir sent both of his sons with all his men and Voivode Yeremey to defend the
  • Russian: Тихая Сосна is a river in Belgorod and Voronezh oblasts of Russia. It is a right tributary of the Don River It is 161 kilometres 100 mi
  • Plavitsa River Russian: Плавица is a river that flows within the basin of the Don River in Voronezh Oblast, Lipetsk Oblast and Tambov Oblast, Russia
  • Russia, a town in Lipetsk Oblast, Russia Usman River a river in Russia left tributary of the Voronezh River Osman disambiguation Ottoman Empire, also
  • Goluboy Dunay River Russian: Голубой Дунай - Sky blue Danube is a river in Voronezh Oblast of Russia. It is a left tributary of the Don River The Goluboy
  • The Veduga River Russian: Ведуга is a tributary of the Don River flowing through the northwestern corner of Voronezh Oblast in Russia. It is meandering

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