ⓘ Daughter (2016 film)

Daughter (2016 film)

ⓘ Daughter (2016 film)

Daughter is a 2016 Iranian drama film directed by Reza Mirkarimi. It was screened in the Competition section at the Moscow International Film Festival 2016 and International Film Festival of India 2016. It won the Golden Peacock Award for the Best Film at International Film Festival of India 2016.


1. Critical Response

The story depicts the modern Iran, in which the call for freedom and independency among women is stronger than ever. It also highlights the sharp contrast of social behaviour between the developed cities, such as Tehran, and rural areas. While the movie includes several heartbreaking references to inequality of men and women, exploring the unhealthy relationship of family members with a feminist approach helps the audience to see how much more the movie has to offer. The movie introduces the father of Setare as a stereotype Iranian father, who is simultaneously kind and strict, the mother, a sentimental woman who has the role of explaining the fathers harsh overprotectiveness to the daughter, and the daughter who is like a lioness in chains, thirsty for every bit of freedom.

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