ⓘ Malaysian Army Training and Doctrine Command

Malaysian Army Training and Doctrine Command

ⓘ Malaysian Army Training and Doctrine Command

The Malaysian Army Training and Doctrine Command, known as PL&,DTD and PLDTD, is a military command in charge of all Malaysian Army training centres, facilities and museum.

PLDTD commanded by major-General

  • forces from the UK - based Army Strategic Command and Australia and New Zealand deployed roulement combat forces from West Malaysia to Borneo in 1965 66. In
  • recruit, and the British would provide training to resistance groups. Also, the trained resistance fighters would be used as the British Military Command saw
  • providing training and education primarily to the mid - career officers of PAF as well as to limited number of officers from Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Army and officers
  • 1989 and then became Inspector - General Doctrine and Training in 1992. He retired from the Army in 1995. Following his retirement from the Army he became
  • Army Command and General Staff College Naval Command and Staff College Air Force Command and Staff College National Armed Forces Education, Training and
  • three Army personnel from Kodam Jaya Maksum, Alex Sunaryo, and Budi Suroyo attended Seaman School in the Naval Education and Training Command Kodikal
  • Education, Training and Doctrine Command Band of the Army Adjutant General s Corps Training School Drum and Bugle Corps Training of the Army Adjutant
  • Command 141 Toddopuli 2007 - Economic Experts Head of Army Chief of Staff 2008 - Director of Education of the Army Doctrine Education and Training Leadership

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