ⓘ Kitchener South—Hespeler (provincial electoral district)

Kitchener South-Hespeler (provincial electoral district)

ⓘ Kitchener South-Hespeler (provincial electoral district)

Kitchener South - Hespeler is a provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada, which is represented for the first time in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario following the 42nd Ontario general election.

  • Simcoe North Amy Fee Kitchener South - Hespeler Goldie Ghamari Carleton Parm Gill Milton Mary Henein Thorn Kitchener Centre Christine Hogarth
  • Candidates for the Liberal Party of Canada took part in all the 338 electoral districts in the 2015 Canadian federal election. 184 of them won their seat
  • cent of their election expenses during the writ period. Similarly, electoral district associations receive a reimbursement of 60 per cent of their election
  • This is a list of Canada s 338 federal electoral districts also known as ridings in Canadian English as defined by the 2013 Representation Order, which
  • Party of Canada ran a candidate in all but one of the 338 federal electoral districts Ninety - nine of them won a seat in the House of Commons of Canada
  • 2018 with the election of Ted Arnott as Speaker. The Members of the Provincial Parliament MPP that served in the Legislative Assembly of the 42nd Parliament
  • Mr. Martin Chapman The Cyclopedia of New Zealand : Wellington Provincial District Wellington: The Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Retrieved 13 February
  • Raj Saini Liberal Kitchener Centre Harold Albrecht Conservative Kitchener - Conestoga Marwan Tabbara Liberal Kitchener South - Hespeler Bev Shipley Conservative
  • representation. There are currently 80 visible minorities serving in 10 provincial legislatures. Of those members, 34 are Conservatives 20 Progressive Conservative
  • Consultant 1, 314 2.75 4th Kitchener South - Hespeler David Weber 2014 Ontario provincial candidate for Kitchener - Conestoga M Kitchener Police officer 1, 767 3
  • NDP candidate in this riding M Kitchener Trade unionist Kitchener South - Hespeler Lorne Bruce 2011 candidate in Kitchener - Conestoga, Executive Board Vice - President

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