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ⓘ Schwalmstadt

Schwalmstadt is the largest town in the Schwalm-Eder district, in northern Hesse, Germany. It was established only in 1970 with the amalgamation of the towns of Treysa and Ziegenhain together with some outlying villages to form the town of Schwalmstadt.

  • April 2015. The 2014 15 season saw three new clubs in the league, 1. FC Schwalmstadt TSV Steinbach and SpVgg Oberrad, all promoted from the Verbandsligas
  • Kassel Region Cup Either KSV Hessen Kassel Regionalliga or 1. FC Schwalmstadt Verbandsliga Final on 26 October 2011 Wiesbaden Region Cup 1. FC
  • the Schwalm area. Willingshausen borders in the north on the town of Schwalmstadt in the northeast on the community of Frielendorf, in the east on the
  • Fritzlar - Homberg Efze - Rotenburg an der Fulda - Bad Hersfeld - Schwalmstadt - Alsfeld - Schlitz - Lauterbach - Grunberg - Lich - Butzbach - Budingen
  • valleys. The nearest towns are Bad Hersfeld about 20 km to the east Schwalmstadt about 25 km to the west and Homberg about 27 km to the north The
  • 2005 a further sentencing for the same crime was passed by the court of Schwalmstadt On May 12, 2005 he began a prison sentence in GieSen, but he was released
  • association football club 1. FC Sand, a German association football club 1. FC Schwalmstadt a German association football club 1. FC Schwandorf, a German association
  • producer Guido Knopp born 1948 in Treysa, today s town district of Schwalmstadt historian, author and journalist Lissy Groner born 1954 in Langenfeld
  • Federal Highway B 62 Biedenkopf - Alsfeld with connections to B 454 to Schwalmstadt and B 3 towards Marburg. The nearest railway connections is 5 km north
  • Alsfeld Fairy Tale House Neustadt Hesse Willingshausen Schrecksbach Schwalmstadt Oberaula Knullwald Homberg on Efze Fritzlar Bad Wildungen Snow White

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