ⓘ Enfield Primary Care NHS Trust


ⓘ Enfield Primary Care NHS Trust

Enfield Primary Care NHS Trust was an English National Health Service Primary Care Trust responsible for health care in Enfield, in North London which was abolished in April 2013.

He was the neighboring borough of Enfield, having, like other London PCTs escaped reorganisation in the 2006 reorganization of primary care in the UK. This happens in the framework of the NHS London strategic health authority.

Two public hospitals are in the area of trust: chase farm hospital to the North and North Middlesex University hospital in the South-East. This is a relative overprovision of hospitals in the area, especially given the proximity of the large London hospitals is one of the main causes of the financial problems that have troubled the trust. The trust seeks to promote institutional restructuring, including the transfer of provision from hospitals to the community, in accordance with the policies of the Blair and brown governments. However, since 2006 the local newspaper, politicians and MPs attacked the plans to reduce the volume of services at chase farm. which prevents the proposed changes. In 2008, Enfield Council discussed changes to the independent review panel that broadly endorsed them in its report of September 2008.

The trust will also experience significant inequalities in health in its area due to demographic differences. A high proportion of ethnic minorities and the poor quality of housing in the South and East of Enfield means that the life expectancy in these areas up to 8 years less than affluent neighborhoods in the North-West of Enfield.

The trust holds monthly Board meetings that are open to the public to visit.