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ⓘ Schkeuditz

Schkeuditz is a GroSe Kreisstadt in the district of Nordsachsen, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. It is situated on the White Elster river, 12 km northwest of Leipzig. Leipzig/Halle Airport is located in Schkeuditz. The letter processing center for the greater Leipzig region is also located in Schkeuditz. Schkeuditz is also known for the first Autobahnkreuz in Europe called the "Schkeuditzer Kreuz"

  • Sealand. The Leipzig Halle Airport is immediately south of Zwochau in the Schkeuditz district. The existence of the village of Zwochau is first documented
  • 51.41889 N 12.23250 E 51.41889 12.23250 Kursdorf is a village in Schkeuditz municipality, Saxony, Germany, near the border to Saxony - Anhalt. The small
  • Bitterfeld in the North German state of Saxony - Anhalt and Leipzig and Schkeuditz in the Free State of Saxony. Its name is derived from the dominant industries
  • western edge of Leipzig - Halle Airport in the cadastral municipality of Schkeuditz in Nordsachsen. It then flows northwest, passes under the A 9 motorway
  • yards. Seelze is twinned with: Grand - Couronne France - - since 1969 Schkeuditz Saxony, Germany - - since 1990 Mosina Poland - - since 2000 Velten Brandenburg
  • part of Wuppertal 1838 In 1850 he was appointed superintendent at Schkeuditz and in 1859 at Eisleben. He published a new edition of Martin Luther s
  • Ausstellung zum 80. Geburtstag Willi Sittes: Texte, Bilder, Dokumente. GNN, Schkeuditz 2001. Gisela Schirmer: Willi Sitte, Farben und Folgen. Faber Faber
  • Niemandsland. Ein Schwarzenberg - Lesebuch, Rosa - Luxemburg - Stiftung Sachsen, Schkeuditz 1997, ISBN 978 - 3 - 929994 - 94 - 0, page 369 HAUFIG GESTELLTEN FRAGEN in
  • Liebig: Opfer deutscher Teilung. Beim Grenzschutz getotet. GNN - Verlag, Schkeuditz 2005, ISBN 3 - 89819 - 198 - 2. Deportation of North Koreans by the South Korean
  • Hauptbahnhof via Schkeuditz to Leipzig Hauptbahnhof, which already received several new stops such as Leipzig - SlevogtstraSe and Schkeuditz West by 2004.

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