ⓘ 126 (number)

126 (number)

ⓘ 126 (number)

As the binomial coefficient 9 4 {\displaystyle {\tbinom {9}{4}}}, 126 is a central binomial coefficient and a pentatope number. It is also a decagonal number and a pentagonal pyramidal number. As 125 + 1 it is σ 3 5, the fifth value of the sum of cubed divisors function, and is a sum of two cubes.

There are exactly 126 crossing points among the diagonals of a regular nonagon, 126 binary strings of length seven that are not repetitions of a shorter string, 126 different semigroups on four elements up to isomorphism and reversal, and 126 different ways to partition a decagon into even polygons by diagonals. There are exactly 126 positive integers that are not solutions of the equation

x = a b c + a b d + a c d + b c d, {\displaystyle x=abc+abd+acd+bcd,}

where a, b, c, and d must themselves all be positive integers.

It is the fifth Granville number, and the third such not to be a perfect number. Also, it is known to be the smallest Granville number with three distinct prime factors, and perhaps the only such Granville number.


1. In physics

126 is the seventh magic number in nuclear physics. For each of these numbers, 2, 8, 20, 28, 50, 82, and 126, an atomic nucleus with this many protons is or is predicted to be more stable than for other numbers. Thus, although there has been no experimental discovery of element 126, tentatively called unbihexium, it is predicted to belong to an island of stability that might allow it to exist with a long enough half life that its existence could be detected.

  • and 126 208Pb Only two stable nuclides have fewer neutrons than protons: hydrogen - 1 and helium - 3. Hydrogen - 1 has the smallest neutron number 0. Teh
  • The British Rail Class 126 diesel multiple unit was built by BR Swindon Works in 1959 60 to work services from Glasgow to Ayrshire and comprised 22 3 - car
  • atomic weight 126 9 This placement is consistent with the modern practice of ordering the elements by proton number Z, but that number was not known
  • Amazon Lab 126 sometimes known as Lab 126 is an American research and development and computer hardware company owned by It was founded in
  • satellites to be launched. USA - 126 was launched at 00: 50: 00 UTC on 16 July 1996, atop a Delta II carrier rocket, flight number D237, flying in the 7925 - 9
  • The 126 th Air Refueling Squadron is a unit of the 128th Air Refueling Wing of the Wisconsin Air National Guard stationed at General Mitchell Air National
  • right to left. The first few numbers of this kind are: 1, 5, 15, 35, 70, 126 210, 330, 495, 715, 1001, 1365 sequence A000332 in the OEIS Pentatope
  • Psalm 126 is the 126 th psalm of the Book of Psalms, generally known in English by its first verse, in the King James Version, When the Lord turned again

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