ⓘ Roman Cumbria

Roman Cumbria

ⓘ Roman Cumbria

Roman Cumbria was an area that lay on the north-west frontier of Roman Britain, and, indeed, of the Roman Empire itself. Interest in the Roman occupation of the region lies in this frontier aspect - why did the Romans choose to occupy the north-west of England, why build a solid barrier in the north of the region, why was the region so heavily militarised, to what extent were the native inhabitants Romanised compared to their compatriots in southern England?

The decision to conquer the area was taken by the Romans after the rebellion of Venutius threatened to do brigantes and their allies, such as the Carvetii in the anti-Roman tribes, and not about the novel that before. After a period of conquest and consolidation on the basis of the line of the Stanegate, some coastal protection added Adrian decided to take the previous wall of peat in the solid state. Although briefly abandoned in favor of the more Northern Antonine wall, line Hadrianic was fell to and remained until the end of the Roman period.

Such unrest, as happened during the Roman occupation, it seems that it was a result of either the invasion of the tribes North of the wall, or as a result of factional disputes in Rome, which Cumbrian military caught up. There is no evidence of the Brigantian Federation stirring up trouble. Therefore, the romanization of the population can take place to varying degrees, especially near the FORTS.