ⓘ Rotenburg an der Fulda

Rotenburg an der Fulda

ⓘ Rotenburg an der Fulda

Rotenburg an der Fulda is a town in Hersfeld-Rotenburg district in northeastern Hesse, Germany lying, as the name says, on the river Fulda.

  • Victor of Hesse - Rotenburg Victor Amadeus 2 September 1779 12 November 1834 was the last Landgrave of Hesse - Rotenburg and the Prince of Corvey from
  • Hesse - Rheinfels - Rotenburg Christine Henriette 21 November 1717 1 September 1778 was a princess of the German dynasty of Hesse - Rheinfels - Rotenburg She was
  • of Wurttemberg 2 July 1549 in Montbeliard 17 August 1581 in Rotenburg an der Fulda was a princess of Wurttemberg by birth and by marriage, the first
  • the town of Bebra and in the west on the town of Rotenburg an der Fulda all three in Hersfeld - Rotenburg Cornberg s Ortsteile are Cornberg, Konigswald
  • marriage. In 1629, Juliane and her children moved into Rotenburg Castle in Rotenburg an der Fulda where she died in 1643. Schlotter, Acta, p. 327. - also:
  • 1832 December 12, 1910 was a German surgeon. He was born in Rotenburg an der Fulda and died in Grunewald near Berlin. In 1855 he received his doctorate
  • was a German theologian and philosopher. Otto Walper was born in Rotenburg an der Fulda and studied at the University of Marburg, where he later became
  • Kassel, as well as the towns of Homberg Efze Melsungen, and Rotenburg an der Fulda After Otto inherited the whole Landgraviate, he resided alternately
  • Records Sony Music. Recording sessions took place at Toolhouse Studios in Rotenburg an der Fulda at Tonstudio 45 near Koblenz, at FuzzFactory Tonstudio in Berlin - Kreuzberg

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