ⓘ Taiga (1958 film)

Taiga (1958 film)

ⓘ Taiga (1958 film)

Taiga is a 1958 West German drama film directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner and starring Ruth Leuwerik, Hannes Messemer and Gunter Pfitzmann.

It was shot at the Bavaria Studios in Munich. The films sets were designed by the art directors Robert Herlth and Gottfried Will. The title refers to the taiga that covers much of Siberia.


1. Cast

  • Willy Schultes as Seitz
  • Paul Bosiger as Reimers
  • Viktor Staal as Weber
  • Peter Luhr as Westrecht
  • Wolfgang Buttner as Sennewald
  • Peter Vogel as Winter
  • Gunter Pfitzmann as Dickmann
  • Peter Capell as Richter
  • Hans Quest as Weinert
  • Charles Regnier as Becker
  • Wolf Ackva as Engelhardt
  • Egon Vogel as Beyfuss
  • Arnulf Schroder as Feuerbach
  • Ruth Leuwerik as Hanna Dietrich
  • Hannes Messemer as Roeder
  • Willi Rose as Berthold
  • August Holler as Schonreich
  • Georg Lehn as Fahlke
  • Werner Hessenland as Kessler
  • Walter Ladengast as Bachmann
  • Alexander Engel as Sazarin
  • Ernst Konstantin as Malinkovic
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