ⓘ Butterfly (disambiguation)

Butterfly (disambiguation)

ⓘ Butterfly (disambiguation)

  • BBN Butterfly, a computer
  • Butterfly corporation, a sporting goods equipment maker
  • GibboGear Butterfly, an ultralite trike aircraft
  • Butterfly film company, a film production company part of the Universal Film Manufacturing Company from 1917 to 1918

1.1. Film and television Film

  • Butterfly 2000 film, a documentary about Julia HIll
  • Butterfly 1924 film, a film by Clarence Brown starring Kenneth Harlan, Laura La Plante, Norman Kerry
  • Butterfly 2015 film, an Argentine film
  • Butterfly 1982 film, a film by Matt Cimber, starring Pia Zadora, Orson Welles and Ed McMahon
  • The Butterfly 1914 film, a film by Tom Ricketts, starring Charlotte Burton
  • The Butterfly 2002 film, a French film by Philippe Muyl, starring Michel Serrault
  • Butterflies 2018 film, a Turkish film
  • Butterflies 1993 film, an Indian Malayalam film
  • The Butterfly 2007 film, an Indonesian film, starring Andhika Pratama, Debby Kristy, and Poppy Sovia
  • Nabi film or The Butterfly, a 2001 South Korean film
  • Butterfly 2004 film, a film by Yan Mak, starring Josie Ho and Tian Yuan
  • Butterflys Tongue or Butterfly, a 1999 film by Jose Luis Cuerda, starring Fernando Fernan Gomez
  • Butterfly 2019 film, an upcoming Indian film
  • Butterflies 2009 film, a documentary

1.2. Film and television TV

  • "Butterfly", an episode of Teletubbies
  • Butterfly TV series, a 2018 ITV drama miniseries
  • Butterflies TV series, a British television series starring Wendy Craig and Geoffrey Palmer
  • "Butterfly" Haven, a 2010 episode of Haven

2.1. Music Albums

  • Butterfly The Hollies album 1967
  • Butterfly Mariah Carey album 1997
  • ButterFly Barbra Streisand album 1974
  • Butterfly Jolin Tsai album 2009
  • Butterfly Sara Tunes album 2010
  • Butterflies Basia album 2018
  • Butterflies Bump of Chicken album 2016
  • Butterfly, a 2009 album by Kelli Ali
  • Butterfly LArc-en-Ciel album 2012

2.2. Music Songs

  • "Butterfly", by Tori Amos from the soundtrack for the film Higher Learning
  • "Butterflies", by Medina from Forever
  • "Butterfly" Kylie Minogue song
  • "Butterflies" AJ Tracey song
  • "The Butterfly", by Little River Band from Too Late to Load
  • "Butter-Fly" Kōji Wada song
  • "Butterfly", by Weezer from Pinkerton
  • "Butterfly" song
  • "Butterfly", by Markus Feehily from Fire
  • "Butterfly" Danyel Gerard song
  • "Butterfly", by The Hollies from Butterfly
  • "Butterfly", by Serj Tankian from Harakiri
  • "Butterfly", by Herbie Hancock and Bennie Maupin from Thrust
  • "Butterfly" Loona song
  • "Butterfly" Kumi Koda song
  • "Butterflies", by Gabbie Hanna from 2WayMirror
  • "Butterfly", by Bangtan Boys from The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 2
  • "Butterfly" Crazy Town song
  • "Butterfly" 1957 song
  • "Butterfly", by Screaming Trees from Sweet Oblivion
  • "Butterfly" G-Dragon song
  • "Butterfly" Kaela Kimura song
  • "Butterfly", by Pink Floyd, an unreleased song
  • "Butterflies" Michael Jackson song
  • "Butterfly", by Jolin Tsai from Butterfly
  • "Butterflies" Tone Damli song
  • "Butterfly", by Grimes from Art Angels
  • "Butterfly", by Candlebox from Lucy
  • "Butterflies", by Kacey Musgraves from Golden Hour
  • "Butterflies" 3+2 song
  • "Butterflies", by Juliana Hatfield from Peace & Love
  • "Butterflies" Patti Page song
  • "Butterfly", by Andy Williams from Andy Williams Best
  • "Butterfly", by the Bee Gees, also covered by Marmalade
  • "Butterfly", by Sara Tunes from Butterfly
  • "Butterfly" Mariah Carey song
  • "Butterfly", by Jason Mraz from We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.


3. Other uses

  • Butterfly needle, winged infusion set, in medical practice
  • Butterfly vibrator
  • Butterfly knife, a Filipino-origin knife
  • Butterfly lighting, a cinema lighting methodology
  • Butterfly Koi a type of ornamental fish with long flowing fins
  • Layla Miller or Butterfly, a Marvel Comics character
  • Butterfly, one of many roller coaster elements
  • Butterfly, Kentucky, a community in the United States
  • Butterflies Van Gogh series, an 1889-90 painting series by Van Gogh
  • Butterfly options, a financial trading strategy
  • Butterfly valve, a mechanic component of a carburetor
  • Butterflying, a butchery technique
  • Butterfly loop, a mid-line knot
  • Butterfly dance, a dance move in which the legs are moved like butterfly wings
  • Butterfly Bomb, a German cluster bomb in World War II
  • Butterfly dinghy, a boat

4. People with the name

  • Julia Butterfly Hill born 1974, American activist and environmentalist
  • Butterfly Boucher born 1979, Australian singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer
  • Butterfly McQueen 1911–1995, American actress