ⓘ The Fly

The Fly

ⓘ The Fly

  • The Fly 1958 film
  • The Fly opera, 2008 opera by Howard Shore, based on the 1986 film
  • The Fly 1986 film, remake of the 1958 film
  • "The Fly" Mansfield, 1922 short story by Katherine Mansfield
  • "The Fly" Langelaan, a 1957 short story by George Langelaan, the basis of The Fly films
  • The Fly II 1989, sequel to the 1986 film

1. Print media

  • Human Fly comics, a Marvel Comics character, the first of whom was also known as The Fly
  • The Fly magazine, free British music magazine
  • Fly Archie Comics, also called Fly-Man

2. Music

  • The Fly, an import compilation CD by Rush
  • "The Fly" song, a 1991 lead single of U2s Achtung Baby album
  • "The Fly", a song by Sarah Brightman
  • "The Fly" Chubby Checker song, a 1961 single/song by Chubby Checker

3. Movies

  • The Fly 1958 film, American science-fiction body horror film
  • The Fly 1980 film, Academy-Award winner short animation
  • The Fly 1986 film, American science-fiction body horror film, remake of 1958 version
  • The Fly 1968 film, Yugoslavian cartoon