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Bodefeld is a locality in the municipality Schmallenberg in the High Sauerland District in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

The village 1107 inhabitants and lies on the North-East of the municipality Schmallenberg at an altitude of about 488 m. the palm River flows through the village. The property is bordered by the villages of Gellinghausen, Westernbodefeld, Brabecke, Duesterwald, Obervalme Bestwig, Lanfert, Hiege and Walbecke.

The first written document, mentioning Buodevelden dates from 1072 in a Charter from Grafschaft Abbey Bishop Anno of Cologne. Hunold von Hanxleden was the bailiff Fredeburg and the Lord, the Lord of Bödefeld. In 1410 he was granted the electorate of Cologne to build a castle Bödefeld. Construction lasted from 1425 to 1428.

The village belonged to the municipality, the Freiheit Bödefeld in AMT Fredeburg until the end of 1974.

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