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Yernes y Tameza

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Yernes y Tameza is a municipality in the Autonomous Community of the Principality of Asturias, Spain. It is situated in the east-central zone of the principality, between mountains high along the Cubia River. It is bordered on the west, north, and northeast by Grado, on the southeast by Proaza, and on the south by Teverga. The municipality has an abrupt topography, most notable in the peak Caldoveiru and the Tameza River, which crosses the municipality from south to north.

This is one of the smallest municipalities in Asturias. Its current population according to the census of 2005 197 99 men and 98 women is the smallest among the Asturian municipalities.

The province is named after its two parishes, Yernes and Tameza "g" in Spanish "and". Capital Villabre, other villages include: Fuxou, Vindias, Villuarri, and Yernes.

People practice Alpine cattle breeding and agriculture. The number of cattle and horses is the most important, particularly in Asturias rocks, such as the Asturcon. The most commonly cultivated crops of potatoes, grain, vegetables and hay.

The municipality has many mountain trails as well as natural paraje natural Park Caldoveiru Pico.

  • Teverga, Tineo, Valdes, Vegadeo, Villanueva de Oscos, Villayon and Yernes y Tameza Each constituency was allocated a fixed number of seats: 32 for the
  • Villanueva de Oscos 73.0 292 Eo - Navia Villaviciosa 276.2 14, 439 Gijon Villayon 132.5 1, 206 Eo - Navia Yernes y Tameza 31.6 132 Oviedo Totals 1, 022, 800
  • 624 Illano 618 Caravia 577 Santa Eulalia de Oscos 557 San Martin de Oscos 494 Villanueva de Oscos 419 Santo Adriano 319 Pesoz 241 Yernes y Tameza 218
  • 10 Valdes 353, 52 3.33 Vegadeo 82, 76 0.78 Villanueva de Oscos 72, 98 0.69 Villaviciosa 276, 23 2.61 Villayon 132, 46 1.25 Yernes y Tameza 31, 63 0.30

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