ⓘ Fantastic Journey to Oz

Fantastic Journey to Oz

ⓘ Fantastic Journey to Oz

Fantastic Journey to OZ is a Russian full-length computer-animated film based on the novel Urfin Jus and his Wooden Soldiers by Alexander Volkov.

The film was directed by Vladimir Toropchin, Fedor Dmitriev and Darina Schmidt. It is the first animated film from Melnitsa Animation Studio made using computer animation.

The premiere took place on April 20, 2017.


1. Plot

The envious and power-hungry Urfin Jus wants to become the ruler of Magic Land. He brings the wooden soldiers to life with a magic powder and goes with them to conquer the Emerald City. He is already preparing to celebrate the victory, but in the Magic Land there is also a little girl named Ellie. She wants to go home, but first she needs to help her friends Strasheela, the Iron Woodman and the Cowardly Lion to defeat Urfin Jus and his army.


2. Cast

  • Dmitry Bykovsky-Romashov – Sabretooth Tiger
  • Andrey Leovin – Totoshka
  • Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya – Ellie
  • Michael Chernyak – crow Kaggi-Karr
  • Dmitri Dyuzhev – Topotun the Bear
  • Alexander Boyarsky – Ogre
  • Oleg Kulikovich – Ruf Bilan
  • Konstantin Khabensky – Urfin Jus
  • Sergey Shnurov – General Lan Pirot
  • Evgeny Stychkin – Eot Ling the Clown
  • Valery Kukhareshin – The Cowardly Lion
  • Valery Soloviev – Iron Woodman
  • Sergey Dyachkov – Strasheela