ⓘ The Good Boy

The Good Boy

ⓘ The Good Boy

The Good Boy is a 2016 Russian comedy film directed by Oksana Karas. The picture won the Grand Prix of the 27th Kinotavr. It was released on November 10, 2016.


1. Plot

The film depicts six days from the life of ninth-grader Kolya Smirnov Semyon Treskunov.

Kolya falls in love with his teacher Ieva Andreevajte. Someone sets fire to the schools additional building which contained the new computers, the principals daughter, high school student Ksyusha Anastasia Bogatyryova, in turn falls in love with Kolya and is under the impression that Kolya was the one who set the school on fire.

Kolyas father Alexander Konstantin Khabensky makes the family transition to the 12/36 system – this means twelve hours for sleep and thirty-six hours for staying awake, which does not allow the protagonist to sleep or even to collect thoughts.


2. Cast

  • Semyon Treskunov – Kolya Smirnov
  • Mikhail Yefremov – Vladimir Dronov
  • Aleksandr Pal - Stanislav Ilyich
  • Anastasia Bogatyryova – Ksysha Dronova
  • Konstantin Khabensky – Alexander Smirnov
  • Ieva Andreevajte – Alisa Denisovna

3. Production

Semyon Treskunov auditioned for the film The Good Boy for the first time when he was 11, and this was the third casting in his life. At that time he was too young for this role. Because of problems with financing, the launching of the preparatory period was repeatedly postponed and by the time investors appeared Treskunov had grown to the age required by the scenario.

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