ⓘ Lupo Alberto (TV series)

Lupo Alberto (TV series)

ⓘ Lupo Alberto (TV series)

Lupo Alberto is an Italian animated series aired for the first time in 1997 by The Animation Band in co-production with Rai, inspired by the homonymous character and the same comic book created by Silver; two series were produced for a total of 104 episodes, each of which lasted for seven minutes. The second season is 2002.

The first season was produced by Rai Fiction, The Animation Band, Canal+, France 2, Europool and Les Armateurs, and the second by Rai Fiction and The Animation Band, but this time distributed by Mondo TV.

The opening theme of the second season is sung by Gianna Nannini was written by Vic Vergeat. The series is available in Italian and English.


1. Characters

  • Glycerin Glicerina - A duck who has the nickname
  • Einstein Odoardo - Einstein is Marthas cousin
  • Alfred Alfredo - A turkey
  • Kant Alcide - A philosopher pig
  • Esther The Mole Cesira La Talpa - Henrys wife
  • Omar - A rooster
  • Ludwig Lodovico - A horse
  • Martha Marta - A eccentric and sweet hen who is Albertos girlfriend.
  • Henry The Mole Enrico La Talpa - An eccentric and goofy mole
  • Lupo Alberto in English Alberto the Wolf - A sarcastic and intelligent blue wolf who is a resident of the wood close to the McKenzie farm, Alberto pursues his relationship with Martha.
  • Moses Mose - A mean sheepdog who is the obstacle to Alberto and Martha.
  • Silvietta - A teenage female sparrow
  • Alice - Marthas friend, a fat hen
  • Krug - A bull
  • Arthur Arturo - Probably a chicken

2. Italian voices actor

English voice actors

  • Thor Bishopric - Lupo Alberto season 2
  • Gregory Snegoff - Moses season 1
  • Maria Bircher - Martha season 2
  • Cathy Weseluck - Martha and Alice season 1
  • Francis Michel Pardeilhan - Henry the Mole

3. Home video

Mondo TV has released all of the first season episodes in 9 VHS, or 3 DVDs these are rich in special content and some Silver-designed tables.

The second season episodes was again Mondo TV. For this edition, it did not use any VHS support, limited to DVD distribution. Of them, it has only 2 products, including the first 18 episodes 9 episodes each and not treating any event in a casket.

The consequence of all this is that the episodes of the second Season are very difficult to find, even on the Internet. In the DVDs only contain the Italian and English languages.