ⓘ Tango (1998 film)

Tango (1998 film)

ⓘ Tango (1998 film)

Tango is a 1998 Argentine-Spanish musical drama tango film written and directed by Carlos Saura and starring Miguel Angel Sola and Mia Maestro. It was photographed by cinematographer Vittorio Storaro.


1. Plot summary

In Buenos Aires, Mario Suarez, a middle-aged theatre director, is left holed up in his apartment, licking his wounds when his girlfriend and principal dancer Laura leaves him. Seeking distraction, he throws himself into his next project, a musical about the tango. One evening, while meeting with his backers, he is introduced to a beautiful young woman, Elena, the girlfriend of his chief investor Angelo, a shady businessman with underworld connections.

Angelo asks Mario to audition Elena. He does so and is immediately captivated by her. Eventually, he takes her out of the chorus and gives her a leading role. An affair develops between them, but the possessive Angelo has her followed, and threatens her with dire consequences if she leaves him, mirroring Marios own feelings and actions towards Laura before Elena entered his life.

The investors are unhappy with some of Marios dance sequences. They dont like a routine which criticises the violent military repression and torture of the past. Angelo has been given a small part, which he takes very seriously. The lines between fact and fiction begin to blur: during a scene in the musical showing immigrants newly arrived in Argentina, two men fight over the character played by Elena. She is stabbed. Only slowly do we realise that her death is not for real.


2. Cast

  • Miguel Angel Sola as Mario Suarez
  • Enrique Pinti as Sergio Lieman
  • Julio Bocca as Julio Bocca
  • Mia Maestro as Elena Flores
  • Juan Carlos Copes as Carlos Nebbia
  • Cecilia Narova as Laura Fuentes
  • Sandra Ballesteros as Maria Elman
  • Juan Luis Galiardo as Angelo Larroca
  • Martin Seefeld as Andres Castro
  • Oscar Cardozo Ocampo as Daniel Stein
  • Carlos Rivarola as Ernesto Landi

3. Accolades


  • 1998 - Grand Prix Technique de la CST Vittorio Storaro at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival.
  • 1998 - San Diego Film Critics Society Awards for Best Foreign Language Film
  • 1998 - Goya Award for Best Sound.


  • 1998 - Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
  • 1998 - Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
  • February 1999 was the stage name of Spanish tango singer Ana Luciano Divis. She was one of the most significant tango interpreters of her era. She was honored
  • May 31, 1931 is an Argentine tango dancer, choreographer, and performer. He was the first to create choreographed tango stage shows and contributed to
  • the 1987 film Lethal Weapon starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, the most widely known successful buddy cop film 1989 saw the release of Tango and Cash
  • The 51st BAFTA Film Awards, given by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts on 19 April 1998 honoured the best in film for 1997. Peter Cattaneo s
  • La cumparsita from comparsa carnival is a tango written in 1916 by the Uruguayan musician Gerardo Matos Rodriguez, with lyrics by Pascual Contursi
  • Choreography Award for the film Tango 2000 Nominated for the ACE Award for Tango Vals, Tango 2000 Teatro del Mundo Award for Tango Vals, Tango 2000 Lifetime achievement
  • Truffaut Day for Night La nuit americaine Marlon Brando Last Tango in Paris Ultimo tango a Parigi Liv Ullmann The New Land Nybyggarna Robert De Niro
  • first Argentine film with sound Tango in 1932, which resulted in her being the first singer to be recorded for a sound film in Argentina. Lamarque was a
  • in previous Kurosawa films such as Shingen and his double in Kagemusha. Other Kurosawa veterans in Ran were Masayuki Yui Tango Jinpachi Nezu Jiro

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