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Murray Downs

ⓘ Murray Downs

The Murray River road bridge over the Murray River connects Swan Hill Road in Murray Downs to Swan Hill in Victoria. The bridge is listed on the New South Wales State Heritage Register.

  • University Press. ISBN 978 - 0 - 708 - 10741 - 6. Wilson, Samuel Murray T. 1887 Peak Downs District, Logan Downs Station. PDF In Curr, Edward Micklethwaite ed
  • and the Wilcannia branch of E. Rich Co. then Knox Downs in 1912. He was a director of Murray Shipping Ltd. He and his wife had a home in East Terrace
  • being Karoonda. Prior to their amalgamation in 1993 Border Downs had competed in the River Murray Football League since 1955, while Tintinara had been a member
  • David Murray September 9, 1953 October 23, 1990 was an alpine ski racer. He was noted for being a member of the Crazy Canucks, the Canadian downhill
  • Suffolk Downs was a seasonal flag stop along the Montauk Branch of the Long Island Rail Road and was first built in 1907. The depot was purchased by an
  • group, is part of the Macintyre catchment of the Murray - Darling basin, located in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia. The Queensland branch
  • Charles Thomas McKinnon Chic Murray 6 November 1919 29 January 1985 was a Scottish comedian and actor. He appeared in various roles on British television
  • The Murray Darling Depression also known as the Murray - Darling woodlands and mallee, is a biogeographic region and an ecoregion in southeastern Australia
  • on the Murray - Darling Murrumbidgee river system. It also includes several diesel - powered vessels built in the same tradition. See also Murray - Darling
  • Astrebla Downs is a national park in Shire of Diamantina, Queensland, Australia. Astrebla Downs is located in the Channel Country of outback Queensland
  • Batavia Downs IATA: BVW, ICAO: YBTV is an airport in Batavia Downs List of airports in Queensland Airport information for Batavia Downs Queensland

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