ⓘ 128 (number)

128 (number)

ⓘ 128 (number)

128 is the seventh power of 2. It is the largest number which cannot be expressed as the sum of any number of distinct squares. But it is divisible by the total number of its divisors, making it a refactorable number.

The sum of Eulers totient function φx over the first twenty integers is 128.

128 can be expressed by a combination of its digits with mathematical operators thus 128 = 2 8 - 1, making it a Friedman number in base 10.

A hepteract has 128 vertices.

128 is the only 3-digit number that is a 7th power 2 7.


1. In bar codes

  • Code 128 is a Uniform Symbology Specification USS Code 128 alphanumeric bar code that encodes text, numbers, numerous functions, and designed to encode all 128 ASCII characters ASCII 0 to ASCII 127, as used in the shipping industry.
  • 128A
  • GS1-128 application standard of the GS1 implementation using the Code 128 barcode specification
  • Subdivisions include
  • 128B 0-9, A-Z, a-z, special characters
  • ISBT 128 system for blood product labeling for the International Society of Blood Transfusion
  • 128C 00-99 numeric characters

2. In computing

  • 128-bit key size encryption for secure communications over the Internet
  • IPv6 uses 128-bit 16-byte addresses
  • 128-bit integers, memory addresses, or other data units are those that are at most 128 bits 16 octets wide
  • Any bit with a binary prefix is 128 bytes of a lesser binary prefix value, such as 1 gibibit is 128 mebibytes
  • RIVA 128 Real-time Interactive Video and Animation accelerator was one of the first consumer graphics chips to integrate 3D and video acceleration in 1997
  • ASCII includes definitions for 128 characters
  • Jane 128 was a GUI-based integrated software package for the Commodore 128 personal computer released in 1985
  • CAST-128 is a block cipher used in a number of products, notably as the default cipher in some versions of GPG and PGP.
  • Macintosh 128K was the original Apple Macintosh personal computer released in 1984
  • Graphics cards have a 128-bit, 256-bit, or 512-bit data bus to memory.
  • Super Mario 128 is a cancelled Nintendo game, though many elements were included in Super Mario Galaxy and Pikmin.
  • Enterprise 128 Zilog Z80 home computer released in 1985
  • Commodore 128 home/personal computer which had a 128 KB of memory released in 1985
  • Laser 128 released by VTech was a clone of the Apple II released in 1984
  • Sonys PlayStation 2 Emotion Engine CPU has two 128-bit vector units
  • Atari 2600 consoles have 128 bytes of memory

3. In the military

  • USS Cavallaro APD-128 was a United States Navy Crosley -class high speed transport
  • USNS Mission San Luis Rey T-AO-128 was a United States Navy Mission Buenaventura -class fleet oilers during World War II
  • USS Velocity AM-128 was a United States Navy Auk -class minesweeper which removed naval mines laid in the water
  • USS Arenac APA-128 was a United States Navy Haskell -class attack transport during World War II
  • USS Leonis AK-128 was a United States Navy Crater -class cargo ship during World War II

4. In transportation

  • A small car manufactured by Fiat, the Fiat 128 from 1969 to 1985. SEAT 128 was a 2-door coupe version of the car
  • 128 is the number of many roads, including Massachusetts Route 128, Bostons inner beltway.
  • The BMW 128i convertible
  • Route 128 Station is a stop on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Attleboro/Providence MBTA Commuter Rail line in Westwood, Massachusetts
  • STS-128 was a Space Shuttle Discovery mission to the International Space Station in 2009

5. In other fields

One hundred twenty-eight is also:

  • The number of musical instruments specified in General MIDI. Sometimes they are numbered 0 to 127 and sometimes they are numbered 1 to 128.
  • 128 AH is a year in the Islamic calendar that corresponds to 745 – 746 CE
  • The atomic number of unbioctium, an element yet to be discovered
  • The number of US fluid ounces in a US gallon
  • The year AD 128 or 128 BC
  • 128 Nemesis is a main belt asteroid
  • 128 film, a film format
  • Sonnet 128 by William Shakespeare
  • In music, a hundred twenty-eighth note is a note played for 1/128 of the duration of a whole note
  • 128P/Shoemaker-Holt is a periodic comet in the Solar system
  • Ross 128 is a red dwarf star, eleventh closest star system to the Solar System
  • The 128 th Air Refueling Wing 128 ARW is a unit of the Wisconsin Air National Guard, stationed at General Mitchell Air National Guard Base, Milwaukee
  • In cryptography, CAST - 128 alternatively CAST5 is a symmetric - key block cipher used in a number of products, notably as the default cipher in some versions
  • NA - 128 Lahore - XI Urdu: این اے - لاهور - was a constituency for the National Assembly of Pakistan. After the 2018 delimitations, its areas were
  • 111 - kb copy number gain with breakpoints within the TRK - fused gene a target of translocations in lymphoma and thyroid tumors and GPR 128 has been identified
  • PR - 128 and ends at PR - 111 west of downtown Lares. Puerto Rico portal U.S. Roads portal List of highways in Puerto Rico List of highways numbered 128 Ruta
  • Psalm 128 is the 128 th psalm of the Book of Psalms in the Old Testament. It is one of fifteen psalms which begins with the words A song of ascents Shir

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