ⓘ Master gunnery sergeant


ⓘ Master gunnery sergeant

Master Gunnery Sergeant is the 9th and highest enlisted grade in the United States Marine Corps. While the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps out-ranks all other Sergeants Major, it is a unique rank of which there is only one in the Corps. Master Gunnery Sergeants are senior staff non-commissioned officers and are assigned a pay grade of E-9.

Master gunnery sergeants are sometimes referred to by the nicknames "gun master" or "master Sergeant". These nicknames are considered to be unacceptable in formal or ceremonial occasions and the owners rank discretion, may also be unacceptable for work of lower-ranking Marines.

Master Sergeant gunnery emblem consists of a bursting bomb called colloquially "pineapple" because of the similarity of its appearance as stylized in the middle between three chevrons and four rockers.

  • officer with the rank of Staff Sergeant through Master Gunnery Sergeant specifically excluding First Sergeants and Sergeants Major who assists commanders
  • YM Cpl sergeant YM Sgt staff sergeant YM SSgt gunnery sergeant YM GySgt master sergeant YM MSgt and then finally to master gunnery sergeant MGySgt
  • Marine Corps, sergeant major is the ninth and highest enlisted rank, just above first sergeant and equal in pay grade to master gunnery sergeant although
  • the States in February 1937. Two years after his promotion to master gunnery sergeant on July 10, 1939, he was assigned to the Depot of Supplies at Philadelphia
  • Reports EVALs Marine enlisted from the rank of sergeant E - 5 to sergeant major master gunnery sergeant E - 9 and officers are given Fitness Reports
  • Webb as Gunnery Sergeant Jim Moore in the 1957 film The D.I. Myron McCormick as Master Sergeant Orville King in 1958 s No Time for Sergeants and the
  • either master gunnery sergeant or sergeant major. 1st Sergeants Course This course prepares recently promoted first sergeants or gunnery sergeants selected
  • unit. Master Sergeants and Master Gunnery Sergeants provide technical leadership as occupational specialists in their specific MOS. First Sergeants typically
  • December 23, 1924 June 7, 2004 was a United States Marine master gunnery sergeant who received the Medal of Honor as a corporal for heroism on Okinawa

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