ⓘ Vasilisa (2014 film)

Vasilisa (2014 film)

ⓘ Vasilisa (2014 film)

Vasilisa is a 2014 Russian film and TV mini-series for Russian World Studios based on the life of Napoleonic War partisan Vasilisa Kozhina directed by Anton Sivers. Russian World Studios originally contracted Dmitry Meskhiev to direct the film, with the lesser known Anton Sivers taking over after Meskhiev pulled out.


1. Plot

Serf Vasilisa is in a romantic relationship with nobleman Ivan Ryazanov, who promises her freedom and a wedding, but who has since his childhood been engaged to a girl of his own society. Head of the village Kozhin asks for Vasilisas hand in marriage. Having interpreted Ryazanovs explanation concerning his fiance falsely, Vasilisa agrees to marry the elder. Soon after this, the Patriotic War begins. Peasants are faced with abuses of French soldiers and inaction of their landowner. Vasilisa decides to fight and organizes the peasants in a partisan detachment, which attacks the French convoys, causing them significant damage.


2. Cast

  • Alexey Barabash as Russian Emperor Alexander 1st
  • Jerome Cusin
  • Svetlana Khodchenkova as Vasilisa Kozhina
  • Andrey Ilin as Elagin
  • Vitaliy Kovalenko as Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Vladimir Metveev as Russian Marshall Mikhail Kutuzov
  • interpretation, he regarded the fairy tale Vasilisa the Beautiful as depicting the conflict between the sunlight Vasilisa the storm her stepmother and dark
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  • the Russian folk tales and a scion of the Romanovs named Vasilisa modeled after Vasilisa the Wise and their involvement in a series of sinister plots
  • communication AD.NAK - 2014 2nd place in the category of logos Poster of the Прастытутка film from the Тузін.Немауля project author: Vasilisa Palyanina - Kolenda
  • started coaching them in September 2014 Vasilisa Davankova Alexander Enbert, coached them from the fall of 2014 until their split in the summer of
  • Andrey of Gorodets c. 1255 27 July 1304 He married a second wife named Vasilisa or Vassa shortly before his death. They had one son. Daniel of Moscow 1261

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