ⓘ Locust (film)

Locust (film)

ⓘ Locust (film)

Locust is a 2015 Russian erotic thriller directed by Egor Baranov.

An extended television version aired on Channel One Russia between 13 and 20 of March 2016.


1. Plot

Artyom and Lera meet at a seaside resort and have a summer fling. He is a simple guy from the province, a hard worker and a poet; she is a Moscow bohemian girl from a rich family whose parents make all important decisions for her.

The summer goes by quickly and they each go back to their own lives. Lera goes back to Moscow to study and build a career for herself. Later, Artyom follows Lera to the capital, but she is not too happy to see him. Lera gets engaged to her fathers friend and business partner, Gurevich. An older rich woman, Natalia, becomes interested in Artyom. At first he rejects her, but later he changes his mind and gets married to her. Later the romantic affair between Lera and Artyom is resumed and culminates in a series of brutal murders.


2. Cast

  • Yevgenya Dmitrieva as Irina
  • Yevgeny Stychkin as Patsyfik
  • Yekaterina Volkova as Natalia
  • Oleksiy Gorbunov as Kavtorang
  • Paulina Andreeva as Lera
  • Aleksander Golubkov as Marat
  • Dmitri Shevchenko as Gurevich
  • Maksim Pinsker as Valentin
  • Pyotr Fyodorov as Artyom
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