ⓘ Genghis Khan (unfinished film)

Genghis Khan (unfinished film)

ⓘ Genghis Khan (unfinished film)

Genghis Khan is an unfinished 1992 biographical film of Genghis Khan, starring Richard Tyson, Charlton Heston, Pat Morita and John Saxon. An unsuccessful attempt was made to revive the production in 2010 and to release the movie as Genghis Khan: The Story of a Lifetime, as both a 2-hour feature film and 6-hour TV series.


1. Plot

Set in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the movies tells the life story of Temudjin 1162–1227, who was later bestowed the title "the Genghis Khan" and became the most powerful emperor of Mongolia.


2. Cast

The cast includes:

  • Charlton Heston as Togrul
  • Julia Nickson-Soul as Bortei
  • John Saxon as Chiledu
  • Richard Tyson as Genghis Khan
  • Pat Morita as Emperor
  • Rodney A. Grant as Jamuga

3. Production

The film began shooting in Kyrgyzstan in 1991, which was still part of the Soviet Union at that time. During the production process, the producers were concerned about the material filmed so far, and developed a new screenplay which included new material on Khans childhood. They also replaced original director Tolomush Okeyev with Peter Duffell, who left the project shortly afterward and was replaced by Ken Annakin. By the time the majority of filming was completed, the Soviet Union had started to collapse and the cast and crew were recalled to their respective embassies. Post-production was therefore unable to be completed until 2010, when Madison Motion Pictures Group purchased the rights to the original footage with the intention of releasing the film in 2010 as "Genghis Khan: The Story of a Lifetime", as both a 2-hour feature film and 6-hour TV series both director Ken Annakin and first unit director Antonio Margheriti were to be credited as co-directors.

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  • Herman 2006, p. 214 A thousand years ago great Genghis reigned 4 A thousand years ago great Genghis reigned A Rhyme of Salem Town and Other Poems 2002

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