ⓘ Vertical Race (film)

Vertical Race (film)

ⓘ Vertical Race (film)

Vertical Race is a 1983 Soviet three-part crime miniseries directed by Aleksander Muratov based on the story of the same name by the Vayner Brothers.


1. Plot

The action takes place in the USSR in the 1980s. The plot is based on the confrontation between Moscow Criminal Investigations Department inspector Stanislav Tikhonov Andrey Myagkov and the thief-recidivist Alexei Dedushkin, nicknamed "Baton" Valentin Gaft.

Officers of the investigations department detain a criminal with an imported suitcase packed with foreign things among which they find the Order of St. Andrew, but due to insufficient evidence no report of theft, they have to let "Baton" go. He is at large and continues to pursue criminal activities. He begins to feel threatened, starts to steal fur hats and coats from a store, commits a theft in the apartment of a retired general, where, in addition to the savings book, "Baton" also takes the revolver and cartridges. Taking the thief into custody becomes a matter of principle to Tikhonov, he carefully collects the evidence, and Dedushkin has nowhere to go. The cornered criminal is ready to use weapons against a police officer.


2. Cast

  • Valeriy Durov - falerist
  • Vasily Korzun - Oleg Nikolayevich Lebedev, chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs voiced by Nikolai Grabbe
  • Boris Bityukov - "The Shaman"
  • Andrey Myagkov - Stanislav Tikhonov, investigator
  • Galina Polskikh - Zosia, a friend of the "Baton"
  • Kapitolina Ilenko - Elizaveta Henrichovna von Dietz Boyko
  • Victor Miroshnichenko - Bakum, taxi driver voiced by Vadim Zakharchenko
  • Elena Kapitsa - Lena, Tikhonovs former beloved
  • Valery Nosik - airport employee, former accomplice of "Baton"
  • Stanislav Chekan - captain of militia, the duty officer of the bullpen
  • Vladimir Koval - Signor Costelli
  • Zinaida Dekhtyaryova - Tikhonovs mother voiced by Yevgeny Uralov
  • Nikolai Zasukhin - Vladimir Ivanovich Sharapov, the head of Tikhonov
  • Irina Brazgovka - Lyudmila Mihailovna Roznina, an employee of the archive
  • Vladimir Salnikov - Alexander Saveliev, Tikhonovs assistant voiced by Alexander Ryzhkov
  • Iraida Stroumova - Director of the archive voiced by Eugenia Khanaeva
  • Valentin Gaft - Lyokha Dedushkin, thief-recidivist named "Baton"
  • Alexander Valkovich - Alexander Mikhailovich, archivist
  • Vyacheslav Zholobov - Igor Ivanov, administrator of "Racing in the vertical"
  • Ninel Myshkova - Valentina, wife of Obnorsky
  • Vladimir Druzhnikov - Alexey Y. Uvnarskiy, Surgeon
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