ⓘ The General (1992 film)

The General (1992 film)

ⓘ The General (1992 film)

March 1941. Sentenced to a long-term prison of the communists, Gorbatov is released from Lubyanka and shortly afterwards rules the unit on the front. He is a capable commander and is quickly promoted - soon he is a general-lieutenant and commands the army. Compared with other Soviet commanders, including Zhukov himself, he is distinguished by understanding the realities of the modern battlefield, the independence of courts and decisions and the ability to persuade his superiors to them. The war continues, and Gorbatov constantly comes to face not only the German invaders, but also the omnipotence of political officers, the ignorance of commanders.


1. Cast

  • Vladimir Gostyukhin - Alexander Gorbatov
  • Aleksei Zharkov - Lev Mekhlis
  • Vasily Popov - Leontiy Guriev
  • Svetlana Konovalova - Tatyana Yurievna, widow of the commander Konstantin Ushakov
  • Vladimir Romanovsky - Nikita Khrushchev
  • Alexander Khochinsky - Boris Pasternak
  • Igor Shapovalov - Semyon Timoshenko
  • Eugene Karelskikh - Konstantin Rokossovsky
  • Vladimir Menshov - Georgy Zhukov
  • Irina Akulova - Nina Alexandrovna Gorbatova, wife
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