ⓘ The Master (1992 film)

The Master (1992 film)

ⓘ The Master (1992 film)

The Master is a 1992 Hong Kong martial arts film written, produced and directed by Tsui Hark, and starring Jet Li, Yuen Wah, Crystal Kwok and Jerry Trimble. The project was filmed in 1989, but it was not released until 1992 when the success of Once Upon a Time in China made Li a major action star.


1. Plot

The story occurs in Los Angeles, where a fight between Master Tak Yuen Wah and Johnny Jerry Trimble destroys Taks herbal medicine store. Johnny is prevented from killing Tak when Anna Anne Rickets comes to save him. During his recovery he stays in Annas camper van.

Jet Li arrives from Hong Kong on the airport bus. When he arrives at Taks store to resume as Taks Kung Fu student, he finds the store shuttered and three thieves steal his bag. He chases their car on foot through the streets and eventually catches them. The thieves are so impressed with Jets physical skills they beg him to be their master. They take Jet to their home an abandoned municipal building but theyre attacked by a larger gang. Jet reluctantly steps in to defend his new friends, but their home is set on fire.

Johnny and his gang are closing down kung fu schools and making a name for themselves. Jet meets May Crystal Kwok, a bank worker responsible for the loan on Taks store - but neither knows where Master Tak is. Jet finds himself in the middle of a robbery at a carpark. He finds himself fighting beside Johnny, but Johnny recognizes him from one of Taks pictures and makes it clear he intends to kill both Jet and Tak. Anna and Jets friends get beaten up, so Jet trains his friends to defend themselves. Jet is eventually re-united with Tak, but Tak claims hes no longer interested in either teaching Kung Fu or doing herbal medicine.

Jet and his friends go to Taks store and prepares to deal with Johnnys gang. The three friends put their newfound skills into practice fighting four members of Johnnys gang. Jet and Johnny fight outside the store until the police step in.

Jet and Tak argue, and Jet decides to return to Hong Kong. On the airport bus hes attacked by two dreadlocked men armed with a shotgun who was at the carpark. Jet manages to defeat the men and regain control of the bus despite a shotgun blast killing the driver. May has been following the bus in her car, possibly intending to express romantic interest in Jet. In the meantime, Tak and the three friends make their way to a rooftop where Johnny and his gang are holding Anna hostage.

Jet and May go to Taks store to find a note and a will. They quickly make their way to the rooftop where Tak has disabled 15 or 20 of Johnnys men but is beginning to tire. Jet fights Johnny while Tak and the friends defeat the rest of the gang and rescue Anna. After an intense fight Jet manages to kick Johnny off a hanging wire to his death.

Jet boards the airport bus, once again intending to go to Hong Kong. He finds May on the bus, planning to go to Hong Kong with him for a holiday, but the three friends and Master Tak drive up beside the bus: Master Tak has stolen Jets passport so he cant leave.


2. Cast

  • Wayne Post as Jimmy
  • Jet Li as Jet
  • Yuen Wah as Chan Hou-tak / Uncle Tak
  • Rueben Gonzales as Cito
  • Billy Blanks as Black Thug uncredited
  • Corey Yuen
  • Glen Chin as taxi driver
  • Guy Fadollone as Ruben
  • Camille Carrigan as Jeannie
  • Anne Rickets as Anna
  • George Cheung as Paul
  • Crystal Kwok as May
  • Pamela J. Anderson as coach
  • Cheung Ching as Clerk of International Publication
  • Derek Annunciation as Mouse
  • Michael Burke as Oscar
  • Steven Ho as Johnnys student
  • To Wai-wo as martial arts teacher
  • Jerry Trimble as Johnny Miramax dub: Michael McConnohie

3. US Version

Miramaxs North American version of The Master, which was distributed on home video and DVD, was dubbed in English, and the dubbing often strayed heavily from the original dialogue. Four minutes of cuts were made, including:

  • The opening scene, in which Anna fights a gymnastics student.
  • A scene of Anna being banned from gymnastics school.
  • A scene in which Jet, after the clinic is raided, finds Anna beaten up.
  • A scene of Jet walking through Los Angeles is cut slightly. Also, acoustic guitar music replaces the original, more somber score, changing the intentions of the scene significantly.

4. Reception

Upon initial release, The Master was not particularly successful. In his audio commentary for the Hong Kong Legends DVD release, Bey Logan gives possible explanations why, citing characters ridiculous behaviour and contrived situations. He explains that the characters motivations are unclear - there is no clear reason why Johnny and his gang repeatedly go to Uncle Taks store to intimidate him, and close down other kung fu schools. Also, if the bus driver is shot by the dreadlocked man with a shotgun, why does the bus keep moving while the action is still going? Lastly, the Hong Kong film crew doesnt have the same luxury as the American film crew which led to certain scenes that didnt work too well.

Despite the flawed plot, the film did give signs of what was to come from Jet Lis appearances in films with modern settings. Lis action style in The Master was an early example of what was to come in his Hollywood films Romeo Must Die and Cradle 2 the Grave.


5. Home media

On 28 March 2005, DVD was released by Hong Kong Legends in the United Kingdom in Region 2. Four months later, The Jet Li Collection DVD was released on 25 July 2005 at 2 disc set including Hitman.

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